Now Hiring Hamilton

Now Hiring Hamilton: Workforce Development & Retention Strategies for SMEs


Historically, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hamilton have had limited capacity to maintain the successful recruitment, onboarding, and retainment of employees due to a lack of dedicated staffing and resources to support human resource development. This labour market issue remains prevalent, especially in the context of COVID-19 recovery.

Exploring where the conversation on essential skills and in-demand entry-level employment opportunities intersects, The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Mohawk College to create a reference guide and workforce development strategy employers can access to inform their own HR planning and hiring practices.

Now Hiring Hamilton, an Employment Ontario project funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, intends to improve long-term staffing outcomes for SMEs and identify skills & training opportunities for job seekers looking to re-enter the workforce, post COVID-19.


The Now Hiring Hamilton team is pleased to announce the launch of their project report, resource guides, and community asset map for employers.

Read the Now Hiring Hamilton Report

Our full report includes a comprehensive overview of the workforce challenges facing SMEs in Hamilton. Click on the report image to read and download.

We invite you to download the three supplementary Resource Guides which provide strategies to overcome the following workforce challenges:

The Hamilton Chamber and Mohawk College also developed an interactive Community Asset Map for SMEs to utilize when seeking out expertise to support and streamline their hiring & HR practices. Visit to access it.

The Now Hiring Hamilton released the report and resources for businesses at a virtual launch event on March 30. Click here to watch it.


What We Know: Pre-existing Employment Trends in Hamilton

To better understand the challenges a business owner may face when looking to hire a prospective employee, we collected and analyzed existing knowledge, statistical data, and research about the hiring and onboarding needs of SMEs, skills gaps, and the impact of COVID on the local labour market in Hamilton from 2019 and onwards.

Click here to read the Literature Review

A working list of in-demand entry level jobs in Hamilton was compiled from job postings data, provided by Workforce Planning Hamilton, and positions filled through Mohawk College Community Employment Services and FEDCAP. This list reflects data from the 2020 calendar year, but may be updated as new data becomes available.


Improve your HR Capabilities: Condensed eLearning for Employers

This 4-part Educational Video Series is designed to help inform SMEs on key HR concepts and terminology. Topics covered include:

In the first installment of our four-part educational video series, we explain the Ontario Labour Market Partnerships’ project Now Hiring Hamilton. We will highlight how we are developing a workforce development and retention strategy for SMEs in Hamilton and discuss how we can create a more equitable playing field for SMEs by enhancing opportunities for labour market participation by job seekers displaced during the pandemic.


In the second educational video session, we define Alternative Credentialing (AC). Presenters Gwen Zeldenrust, Brian Gould and Ryan Anderson (Mohawk College) unpack the benefits of alternative credentialing options and how employers can get involved in shaping the AC programs.


The third educational video session focuses on the background of Skills for Success (Essential Skills) in the Workplace. Presenters, Michael Abedo (ABEA) and Wade Poziomka (Ross & McBride LLP), discuss hard versus soft skills and equity, diversity and inclusion as an employer.


The final installment of our four-part educational video series centers around building your HR foundation as an employer. Presenters Stephen Stunt (Mohawk College) and Nicole Carter (HR Fusion) explain the advantages of having strong HR policies in place and provide 5 tips related to employer retention.



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