About Us

Mission Statement

We connect……….


…to add value


Your voice in business.

Guiding Principles

Our ambition is to be an organization that:

  1. Thrives
    a. Model organization
    b. Grow the membership and other revenue opportunities
    c. Grow our influence and impact
  2. Contributes to Its Members’ Success
    a.    With excellent customer service
    b.    Connecting our members to friends in business (customers/partners/providers), cost-savings (affinity benefits), educational opportunities and local business intelligence
    c.    A service provider/lifeline in business (“You do what you do best, we help with the rest.”)
  3. Strengthens Hamilton as an Anchor Institution
    a.    Building on our 173-year history of supporting progressive city- and community-building initiatives
    b.    “Voice of Business” thought leader and change agent for a more prosperous community through policy and advocacy
    c.   Active anchor institution that fully takes advantage of our greatest asset: our convening power
  4. Connects Hamilton to our Region and the World
    a.    The face of Hamilton in our regional, provincial and national networks
    b.    Cultivate strategic partnerships with organizations that strengthen our organization (CivicAction, Buffalo, Bay Area Economic Summit)
    c.    Opening up market opportunities for our members
  5. Is Inclusive and Welcoming
    a.    We reflect the community’s social and economic diversity
    b.    Support certain initiatives (women in leadership, Global Hamilton, young entrepreneurs) with an economic imperative