Connections Networking Group

What if you could have additional sales professionals looking out for potential business for you? That’s what Connections is all about!

Connections is category-exclusive, which means that you do not compete with other companies who do what you do. Including only one company in each business category which allows for a non-competitive, relaxed, and friendly group dynamic. Our goal is to create and develop mutually beneficial professional relationships and to promote and grow our businesses.

Through our regularly scheduled meetings every two weeks from 7:15 am – 8:45 am, we develop awareness of each other’s products and services and generate referrals. There is an additional charge of $165 + HST per quarter to join. (Guests and visitors are welcome to attend up to two times at $20 per meeting to determine if Connections is a good fit for their company or organization.)

Check with the Chamber’s events calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

For more information on joining Connections, please contact:

Paul Hawkins
905-522-1151 ext. 225

Our Mandate
The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce established Connections in 1991 as a special program to promote business opportunities among Chamber members.

The success of the program is based on a commitment by each Connections member to attend regularly scheduled networking meetings to:

  • develop ongoing relationships among members
  • create awareness of each member’s product and service
  • utilize the products and services of members
  • generate and exchange leads

Expectations of Members
Once membership has been approved, a member is expected to attend meetings regularly.  Members should not miss more than three consecutive meetings without explanation.  Alternates are allowed on a pre-approved basis.

Format of Meetings
Connections meetings are held over breakfast every other Thursday.  Each meeting has a set agenda that includes time for both informal discussions among members and formal presentations given by members who have prepared a review of their company and its products and services.  Draws for prizes are held at each meeting.  The prize is furnished by the speaker.

In addition, guest speakers and social events (optional) are organized throughout the year.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility for membership is on a first come basis for companies who meet the following requirements:

  • The company is a member in good standing with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
  • The company does not compete with any current Connections member. Membership is limited to one member for each category.

Click here for the Connections Membership Guidelines

Executive Committee