Rainbow Registered Accreditation for Businesses

Not only is having 2SLGBTQI+ friendly policies in your company the right thing to do – it’s also good for business. That’s why Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce along with Tourism HR Canada have collaborated to launch the Rainbow Registered Accreditation Program for 2SLGBTQI+ friendly business and organizations. 

Rainbow Registered is a national accreditation for 2SLGBTQI+ friendly businesses and organizations. When you see a Rainbow Registered symbol, you know the business or organization meets a stringent set of standards to ensure 2SLGBTQI+ customers feel safe, welcomed, and accepted. 

The accreditation program grants a time-limited recognition to businesses and organizations for demonstrating compliance with the quality standard. 

As a Rainbow Registered accredited organization ourselves, we highly encourage the Hamilton business community to inform themselves of this exceptional program and make the effort the get accredited.

Visit the Rainbow Registered Business Directory

Meet the businesses in Canada that have received their accreditation and demonstrate that they are consistent in their efforts and committed to providing a welcoming and accepting 2SLGBTQI+ customer and staff experience. Visit rainbowregistered.com/businesses to browse the interactive map.