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The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is the third oldest chamber of commerce in Canada, created in 1845 by Isaac Buchanan and other merchants considered to be the “Founding Fathers” of Hamilton.

Comprising many of the great leaders in Hamilton’s history over its 170 years, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has harnessed the collective ambition of its thousands of members to play a leading role in Hamilton becoming an important and leading Canadian city during the 20th century.

Like the City of Hamilton itself, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is undergoing a tremendous transformation. We are an ambitious organization that strives to meet the various needs of our small business members while also providing city-building leadership to renew Hamilton.

We measure our success by the success of our members and the City of Hamilton.

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We’re Looking for Talent!

Chief Operating Officer

When you hire good people, you have to expect they will be coveted.If you read July’s Panorama, Read more


September YEP Roundtable 2016


The Hamilton Chamber’s  Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals (YEP) Division invites you to meet our guest.  It’s your opportunity to Read more


Ontario Chamber Adopting-Our-Advantage-Report (Life Sciences)

Ontario Chamber Adopting-Our-Advantage-Report (Life Sciences) Read more


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