McMaster Student Researchers Contribute to Hamilton Chamber’s Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Project

· by Bianca Caramento

This summer, we engaged two remarkable undergraduate students from McMaster University to assist with our Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Project, a business-led initiative funded by The Atmospheric Fund and focused on advancing next generation energy systems in Hamilton’s Bayfront Industrial Area (click HERE to learn more).

Two undergraduate students from McMaster University apply their special talents to help advance an industrial waste heat recovery project spearheaded by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and funded by The Atmospheric Fund. Gabrielle Martin (right) and Geetha Jeyapragasan (left).

With input and encouragement from the Project Working Group, the students reached out to participating companies to gather vital information needed to help produce a baseline report on the current state of waste heat recovery systems and technologies in a study area that features two leading steelmakers and a range of other energy intensive industries.

Below are profiles provided by the students ~ we are so proud of their accomplishments, convictions and commitment to building a brighter world. Enjoy!

Geetha Jeyapragasan

I am a third-year student in the Honours Integrated Science program at McMaster University concentrating in Environmental Science. I am extremely passionate about climate action, and am excited to be working on a project that works towards GHG emission mitigation while benefitting companies as well!

My prior experience conducting research projects regarding sustainable energy, thermodynamic cycles and climate change within McMaster has given me the opportunity to tackle issues from an interdisciplinary approach. This has been extremely beneficial in understanding the mechanisms behind waste heat recovery while looking into the environmental and societal impacts as well, and I hope to gain insight into the Bayfront Industrial Area to see how this can be further implemented in Hamilton.

My involvement with environmentalism through organizations such as Environment Hamilton, the Lung Association and the Climate Reality project have allowed me to gain a better understanding of the GTHA with regards to GHG emissions, air quality and community health, which I hope to bring to this project. I am honoured to be a part of this team, and am excited to learn a lot working with the passionate team and community!

Gabrièle Martin

I am one of two McMaster Students lucky enough to be working on this project. I am currently in my third year of Engineering, studying Electrical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Statistics. Throughout my time in high school I was provided with many opportunities that drew me to this project. One such opportunity was my experience with FIRST robotics, which led me to have a greater appreciation for all aspects of an experience as it is the different parts that make the opportunity whole and allow for the greatest learning.

Alongside this I had the privilege of being able to work in the engineering firm and see first-hand the complexity of the work that is accomplished daily. This opportunity made me more interested in the current research as I was eager to see the other side of the experience and how society views and interacts with Engineering and manufacturing companies. Lastly, but most importantly, my study for “Code Red” in Engineering Society really drove me to dig more into the Hamilton area and see how the research that I read about connects to the world, and if there is anything that can realistically be altered to further improve our society.

For this project I have spent most of my time researching the more technical aspects of Industrial Waste Heat recovery. I’m really impressed by all the environmental efforts the companies are currently a part of and I look forward to meeting more people and hopefully helping to reduce the amount of GHG emissions in the Hamilton Industrial Bayfront Area.