Key Policy Priorities of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

· by Bianca Caramento

In 2017, the Chamber launched a membership survey, which circulated from April 24th to May 15th. 

The Chamber then convened a series of focus groups aimed at formally engaging key sectors within the Chamber membership and to further explore concerns raised within the membership survey, to investigate key areas of concerns and develop recommendations.

The Chamber’s Policy and Advocacy Council developed six priorities for the Chamber’s advocacy agenda.

Priority #1: Making Hamilton Open for Business

Reduce government red tape and the cumulative regulatory burden foisted upon Canadian businesses by all three levels of government.

Priority #2: Securing the Future of Hamilton’s Manufacturing and Agrifood Industries

Ensure Hamilton’s manufacturing and agrifood sectors remain competitive by addressing challenges facing business supply
chains, talent recruitment, and the cumulative costs of regulation. Advocate for federal supercluster funding and support Next
Generation Manufacturing Canada in its startup phase.

Priority #3: Multi-Modal Transportation Infrastructure

Advocate for further investment in transportation infrastructure and public transit to promote business competitiveness.
Actively support efforts for the construction of rail and road expansions, along with bypasses that relieve congested corridors.

Priority # 4: Road Map to a Digital Hamilton

Accelerate Hamilton’s emergence as a truly Digital City, by promoting the enhancement of internet access through the
building of digital infrastructure and developing strategies to address talent attraction and retention in the local technology

Priority #5: Quality of Life as our Greatest Economic Development Asset

Cultivate Hamilton’s competitive advantage by using our place-based assets to attract new investment and support existing
businesses. Relevant advocacy initiatives include the B-Line LRT project, red tape mitigation to encourage urban density and
construction, addressing housing affordability, and the implementation of complete streets to encourage commercial district
revitalization and neighbourhood renewal.

Priority #6: Hamilton’s Voice of Business at Queen’s Park, Parliament Hill and within Regional Economic Partnerships

Continue to serve as the voice of Hamilton’s business community to all levels of government. Locally, we sit on five committees.
Provincially, we have strong relationships in government and work closely to support and influence the priorities of the Ontario
Chamber of Commerce. Federally, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce plays a very similar role. In addition to occasional
travel to Ottawa to deliver testimony to government, we actively participate on multiple policy committees of the Canadian
Chamber, annual advocacy campaigns and in the submission of policy resolutions that reflect our priorities as a community.