Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Releases 2022 Provincial Election Priorities

· by c.dambrosio@hamiltonchamber.ca

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce submitted its 2022 Provincial Election Priorities to candidates across Hamilton’s provincial electoral ridings.

As Hamilton’s oldest institution, we have the privilege of speaking for our 1,000+ members that employ over 75,000 people in our community. On behalf of our membership, the Chamber presented a suite of policy recommendations to further support and strengthen our local economy for candidates’ consideration.

Looking to the future, it remains imperative that the provincial government continue to provide ongoing financial support and relief to Ontarian businesses as the pandemic continues to endure. Additionally, the government must plan for Ontario’s economic recovery and take action now to prepare for a more sustainable economy in the future. There is also a crucial need to address several policy areas related to improving equity and affordability for all Ontarians. Combined, these measures will help to restore business confidence as we emerge out of the pandemic.

The Hamilton Chamber’s long-standing advocacy of the Hamilton B-Line LRT project, which received a provincial funding commitment last year, meets all of the above criteria and remains our top priority for the federal government. We are pleased that each party has pledged to honour that commitment beyond this election. It is just one of many opportunities in Hamilton’s near future that, with provincial support, will help sustain the exciting renewal of this great Canadian city.

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Provincial Election Priorities document includes considerations on:

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Supports
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Climate Change
  • Supports for Women & Diverse Populations
  • Affordability & Housing
  • Childcare & Early Childhood Education
  • Workforce Reskilling
  • Supporting an Innovation Ecosystem

Click here to read the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Provincial Election Priorities.

Have any questions or comments? Please reach out to our Policy & Government Relations Advisor, Paul Szachlewicz at <p.szachlewicz@hamiltonchamber.ca>