Hamilton Chamber Preparing the Business Community for Mandatory Masks

· by c.dambrosio@hamiltonchamber.ca

[UPDATED JULY 20, 2020]

Wearing a mask or face covering will be required in enclosed public spaces beginning July 20, 2020 under City of Hamilton By-Law 20-155. This includes restaurants, retail stores and malls, hair salons, places of worship, public transportation, and other enclosed spaces.

For a full list of information and details on face coverings and the new masks by-law, visit hamilton.ca/masks.

We want our Members to be best prepared for this bylaw. The following are the requirements for business owners and establishment operators:

  • Every operator shall ensure that a clearly visible sign is posted at all entrances to their establishment that contains wording outlined in the By-law. Click here to download an acceptable sample poster, provided by the City of Hamilton.
  • Every operator shall take reasonable steps to ensure that no member of the public is permitted entry to, or otherwise remains within, the establishment unless the member of the public is wearing a face covering in a manner which covers their mouth, nose, and chin. This requirement shall not apply to members of the public that state that they fall within an exemption of this By-law or appear to fall within one of the exemptions.
  • Every operator shall ensure that any person who refuses to comply with the requirements of this By-law is promptly asked to leave their establishment and is reported to authorized staff upon failure to comply with this direction.
  • Every operator shall ensure that a person responsible for ensuring compliance with this By-law is present at the establishment at all times when it is open to the public.
  • Every operator shall ensure that all persons working at the establishment are aware of the requirements of this by-law.
  • Every operator shall ensure that its employees and every person working within the establishment wears a face covering while working in any part of the establishment that is open to members of the public.
  • For the purposes of this By-law, no operator shall require any employee or member of the public to provide proof of exemption.  A self-declaration of exemption is acceptable and sufficient.
  • Masks and/or face coverings will not be provided to businesses and establishments by the City of Hamilton. Businesses and establishments will not be required to provide masks and/or face coverings to individuals.

Although the new bylaw does not require businesses to provide customers masks, the Hamilton Chamber has created a PPE Supplier List for organizations to source materials. Our PPE Suppliers page includes a list of local and provincial companies and organizations who are producing PPE or other tools that monitor and enforce compliance with COVID-19 health protocols.

We support the mandatory wearing of masks in order to protect our community from transmission of COVID-19 and to accelerate the rebuilding of our economy.

We trust each and every Hamiltonian will abide by this guideline and do their part. Let’s work together to protect our community.