Hamilton is Open For Business – Tangible Improvements to City Approval Backlogs

· by Bianca Caramento

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce represents our members and their collective interests on the City of Hamilton’s Open for Business Sub-Committee.

This sub-committee is tasked with reducing red tape and improving efficiency in municipal government.

We are pleased to see that significant progress has been made in approval times within the Planning and Economic Development Department.

  1.  The average number of days for subdivision draft plans to get sent to committee have gone down substantially in recent years.
  2. Backlogs of outstanding transportation reviews were reduced from 156 to 86 applications (a 45% reduction), in a matter of months this year.

The Chamber is encouraged by the relative improvement in approval times. We look forward to working further with the city to facilitate a constructive dialogue that addresses the concerns of our members and the wider business community.

For more information please contact: Bianca Caramento | Policy Analyst | Hamilton Chamber of Commerce | t: 905-522-1151 ext: 230 | e: b.caramento@hamiltonchamber.ca