Hamilton Chamber Launches Post COVID-19 Economic Blueprint

· by c.dambrosio@hamiltonchamber.ca

July 29, 2020 – HAMILTON, ON: The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce published a Post COVID-19 Economic Blueprint for the City of Hamilton’s newly-established Economic Recovery Task Force.

In consultation with its members and tapping into its national, provincial and regional networks, the Chamber’s Post COVID-19 Economic Blueprint includes short term and long term recommendations for all three levels of government to ensure a smooth, equitable, and sustainable transition for Hamilton and beyond.

Click to view or download the Post COVID-19 Economic Blueprint.

The Post COVID-19 Economic Blueprint is a living advocacy document. With circumstances changing often, the Chamber intends to adapt its recommendations to the needs of its members.

“As we responsibly reopen the economy, we’ve laid out ways in which all three levels of government can be responsive to the needs of business in various sectors,” said Keanin Loomis, President & CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. “Beyond the short-term, the need for stimulus will be acute. Thankfully, given that we are 10 years into an urban renaissance, we have a number of significant projects, like LRT, that are ready for immediate and significant investment.”

Highlights from the Post COVID-19 Economic Blueprint:

1. An economic recovery that promotes environmental sustainability is possible.
Government stimulus spending and infrastructure investment for the COVID-19 recovery should include sustainability as a key eligibility criterion for projects.

2. COVID-19 has and continues to place enormous pressure on the cost of doing business.
Governments must help businesses with the costs and procurement of PPE, and create a testing and tracing regime that will increase confidence among consumers and workers.

3. The need for stimulus is acute.
Fortunately, 10 years of urban renewal has positioned Hamilton well; LRT, downtown civic assets, life sciences and McMaster Innovation Park are ripe for immediate, significant investment. 

4. COVID-19 has highlighted barriers to social equality in our society.
As government stimulus projects are selected, select new, affordable housing projects and emergency shelters for construction to address the ongoing shortages.