Bill 47 – What You Need to Know

· by Bianca Caramento

What You Need to Know About Bill 47

On October 23, 2018, the Government of Ontario’s announced Bill 47, Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018. The announcement included a near full repeal of Bill 148, dissolution of the Ontario College of Trades, and improvements to the journeyperson-to-apprentice ratio.

What do these changes mean for Ontario business?

  1. Minimum wage paused at $14 per hour.
  2. Partial repeal of scheduling provisions.
  3. Removal of equal pay for equal work.
  4. Returning to previous calculation of public holiday pay.
  5. Return to previous union certification policies.
  6. Amended personal emergency leave.
  7. Maintain domestic or sexual violence leave.
  8. Maintain paid vacation expansion.
  9. Apprenticeship ratios set at 1:1.
  10. Dissolution of the Ontario College of Trades.

Below, you can find two charts showing what has changed and what remains the same.

To learn more about Bill 47, click here.

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