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Is Stress the Root Cause of Your Health Issues? Burella Wellness de-stress’ with tension relieving massage right in the workplace, relieving tense neck,shoulder and back muscles. Optional education and support is also available to further de-stress through detoxify the mind and body.



Cheryl Burella is a knowledgable and deeply personal Healthcare Practitioner and Massage Therapist with a mission to treat, guide and equip anyone looking to gain vibrant health naturally.


Stress Relief Massage

Massage has been shown to significantly reduce stress in physical and psychological ways. Schedule a 15, 30 or 60-Minute Session with me today and see the very tangible benefits of massage.

Convenient 15-Minute Appointments are available on-site for groups of 3 or more. 15 Minutes can cover the neck, shoulders, arms and hands and most importantly, reduce stress and improve alertness. The massage requires no oils and clients remain fully clothed. Recharging everyone for a fantastic productive day!

30-Minute Massage focuses on your specific stressed areas with ailment-specific medicinal essential oils and techniques. You will feel and smell fantastic!

60-Minute Whole Body Massage brings your body and mind to a whole new depth of health and relaxation. Medicinal essential oils and massage techniques are chosen specifically for your personal needs. Extra attention is given to problem areas, but the whole body benefits from some much need care. The whole body is connected, so problem areas often experience longer-lasting relief. Revitalizing and relaxing the body and mind!

Wellness Care & Coaching

Your health issues are so very personal so I combine my vast experience, knowledge and skills to help you sift and navigate through the plethora of information and options that can often be confusing and overwhelming. You deserve better than a cookie-cutter protocol, which is why I provide a tailored map unique to your needs and goals. Are you ready for a wellness strategy that works for you?

Deep Cellular Detoxification

Both physical and emotional stressors cause a natural chemical reaction within the body. It is designed to be momentary, such as the flight or fight response, with long stress-free periods in between. When we are stressed longer than designed to be, these natural chemicals can build up in cells and stress the body themselves, causing damage and disease. Cleaning out these cells is necessary to return to vibrant health. Deep cellular detoxification is extremely effective, gentle and is not contraindicated with any medication.

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