HR Network: Crucial Conversations

Why are some of our business colleagues more effective at this than others? How do they encourage dialogue in the face of differing opinions and strong emotions?  It isn’t always easy, and yet, in the workplace, the ability to have difficult conversations is necessary. Every time we find ourselves withdrawing or arguing, we are not engaging in healthy dialogue.  Thank goodness that the skills to have these difficult conversations are relatively easy to learn.  Improving your critical conversation skills will enrich your professional life, will contribute to positive company culture and will enhance the decision-making processes of your business.

This workshop is for leaders, managers, business owners, HR practitioners and anyone who finds themselves having to engage in critical conversations. Based on the book, Crucial Conversations, you will learn simple skills that you can leverage to improve your ability to have sensitive dialogues in your workplace.  Take a conversation stress test, watch some role play and engage with your colleagues on this critical topic.

Date and Time

Jun 12, 2019, 5:15 pm - 7:30 pm


Marquis Gardens Ancaster
1365 Sandhill Drive
L9G 4V5

Video By
Christoph Benfey

Photography By
Reg Beaudry

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