2024 Bay Area Economic Summit

Situated in the heart of Canada’s Innovation Corridor, Hamilton and Burlington presents an enticing prospect for business aiming for local, regional, and global success.  Together, we have a unique chance to tap into the innovation, talent, and resources of one of the world’s most dynamic economic regions.
The Bay Area Economic Summit will spotlight our cities’ collective value, fostering collaboration and transformative actions that drive progress, innovation, and growth.  This collective action creates an environment of growth and innovation and is crucial to accommodate our projected population growth and retain top talent in the face of global competition.
By uniting our strengths, we can pioneer groundbreaking solutions, generate jobs, and play a leading role in the global commitment to climate change and sustainability. Join us in partnering on this event, bringing together over 300 key decision-makers across business, academia, government, and non-profit sectors.  Let’s collaboratively shape a brighter, more sustainable future for the Bay Area and beyond.

Keynote Address
Panel #1 – Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce: Recruitment, Development & Retention

This panel will explore the current challenges faced by employers in recruiting, retaining, and developing talent while delving into the link between attainable housing, transportation, employee well-being, and talent retention. Discussion will explore the role of collaboration between industry and academia in addressing the skills gap and preparing the next generation of workers in our rapidly evolving economy.
Panel #2 – Future-Proofing the Bay Area: How Climate Innovation Spurs Economic Competitiveness
This panel will analyze the policy levers needed to facilitate a just transition to a net-zero economy while highlighting the role of leadership in driving climate innovation to enhance economic competitiveness. Discussion will showcase examples of companies and regions that have embraced sustainability initiatives, resulting in increased market share, enhanced brand reputation, and improved resilience to climate-related risks.
Mayoral Fireside Chat
The Bay Area Mayors: Mayor Horvath and Mayor Meed-Ward, will share insights on the importance of their commitment to creating live-work-play environments that will foster a more engaged workforce of today and tomorrow.

Date and Time

Jun 25, 2024, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Royal Botanical Gardens
680 Plains Road West
L8N 3H8

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Christoph Benfey

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Reg Beaudry

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