City Building Initiatives
The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in building a stronger, more prosperous Hamilton for 170 years. Among its many accomplishments, the Chamber initiated the campaign to bring McMaster University to Hamilton, helped form the local United Way and was the first organization to publicly advocate for municipal amalgamation.

In the 21st century, we are continuing to leverage our knowledge, networks and convening power to bring together public, private and not-for-profit organizations to build a future Hamilton as great as its past.

We share a vision of Hamilton being Canada’s top mid-size city defined by talent, investment and quality of life. To this end, our Chamber is currently focused on three significant components of modern city building that contribute to business development, productivity and wealth creation:

Community Design: Our goal is to help build neighbourhoods and commercial districts that provide healthy environments for people and businesses to flourish.

  • The Renew Hamilton Project
  • Hamilton City Building Campaign – in partnership with Evergreen CityWorks and the City of Hamilton
  • Cities of the Future – in partnership with McMaster University and the City of Hamilton

Integrated Transportation: We advocate for balanced municipal infrastructure that allows our commercial districts to thrive and for regional infrastructure that connects people to opportunity, relieves congestion and positions Hamilton as a hub for people and goods movement.

  • LRT Taskforce – in partnership with the City of Hamilton
  • Complete Streets Taskforce

Pride and Promotion: We engage our members and city at large in efforts to celebrate and promote Hamilton as a community of choice. Our primary goals are to boost pride in our city, and to attract talent and investment needed to grow our economy. Specific initiatives include:

  • Hamilton Chamber Community Builders Council – CEOs Building a Better Hamilton
  • Hamilton Economic Summit
  • Hamilton-Burlington Bay Area Economic Summit

For more information on our City Building Initiatives and to get involved, contact Richard Allen at or 905-572-0363.