STG Capital Management
Financial Services

Products & Services Offering

Investment Planning

Income Protection

Cash Flow Management

Tax Minimization

Management Fee Minimization

 Product Allocation

Inflation Protection

Risk Tolerance & Investment Objectives

 Insurance Planning

Health & Dental Coverage

Life Insurance

Critical Illness Protection

Long Term Care Insurance

Short Term & Long Term Disability Insurance


Mortgage Insurance

Estate Planning

Business Succession Planning 

 Planned Giving and Charitable Donations

Minimize Estate Taxes and Preserve More of Your Assets

Retirement Planning

 Pre and Post Retirement Planning

Income Protection

Product Allocation

Create Multiple Streams of Tax Efficient Income

Group Retirement Services

Defined Contribution Plans:

Group Pension Plans

Group RRSP

Group DPSP

Group Non-Registered Savings Plan

Group TFSA

ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Plans)

Group Retirement Income Plan

Investment Management Fee (IMF) Assessment

Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Guideline Review

Group Benefit Services

Design or re-design a Group Benefit Plan including Insurance, Short Term

and Long Term Disability, Extended Health Care and Dental Coverage.

 Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)

Rate Review

 Cost Containment

Administration Assessment

Claims Processing Review

 Member Education

Financial Education Specialists from the Sponsoring Insurance Carrier are available toll-free through Customer Service Centre or periodically on site depending on plan characteristics to provide financial education to plan members. Specialists are typically available Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m.
and 5 p.m. ET.

Account Manager

Your Account Manager will work in partnership with your Advisor, and focus primarily on ensuring your plan is implemented in a manner that ensures a smooth and easy transition of your plan to your chosen Carrier. The Account Manager will also provide ongoing support to your plan administrator(s), helping them manage and monitor the plan.

Choice, Flexibility and Security

Finding the right group retirement savings solution to meet your company’s needs can be challenging. We understand each client is unique, so we provide a variety of options to help you build a program that provides  the choice, flexibility and security you need.

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 / STG Capital Management

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