Magnet: Advancing careers, businesses, and communities

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With Magnet, businesses save the time, expense, and frustration experienced in today’s traditional job search environment – and job seekers find work that is meaningful to them.

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is helping this happen through Magnet, a local job network powered by matching technology.


HOW IT WORKS: Both job seekers and employers create a profile. Seekers list their experience, education, skills and work preferences, while employers craft a detailed job posting. On the back-end, both seekers and employers are pulling from the same keyword database to complete their profiles. This is how the talent matching happens in the back-end!

FOR EMPLOYERS: List the professional requirements you seek in a candidate. Magnet will provide you with a pre-screened list that includes the number of top candidates who match what you’re looking for. Once activated, only the talent that matches the job will be invited to apply.

FOR SEEKERS: Magnet sends you direct emails on the opportunities that match your qualifications and interests. Magnet eliminates bias by keeping your personal information hidden until you decide to connect with an employer.

Magnet serves all Canadians and utilizes an advanced and protected recruitment model that can effectively and efficiently promote diversity and support bias free recruitment strategies. Its goal is to address unemployment and under-employment specifically as it relates to youth, new immigrants, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities and other individuals facing barriers to employment.

The platform is supported by the City of Hamilton, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Mohawk College and McMaster University. It is an action item on the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force for Workforce Development, whose mandate is to develop a strategy to strengthen the city’s local workforce with skilled workers for both the short and long terms.

Sign up today and join the network of over 100,000 Job Seekers and 13,000 Employers of all sizes and industries across Canada!

If you would like to learn more or book a demo of the platform for your organization, contact our Magnet Project Manager at