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Media Release: Bay Area Poised for Growth as Manufacturing Strengthens: Ontario Economic Update 2016

· by Huzaifa Saeed

Hamilton – Burlington, ON, Dec 10th, 2015: The most wide-reaching provincial economic forecast of the year, the Ontario Economic Update 2016, was released today by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Credit Unions of Ontario, with support from Hamilton and Burlington Chambers of Commerce. The Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), which is made up of Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby, will experience above-trend employment growth during the next two years, reflecting the end of the major restructuring in the manufacturing sector.

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December 2015 Regulatory Update for Businesses in Ontario

· by Huzaifa Saeed

The December 2015 regulatory update is presented here to our members in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s (OCC). Regulatory Update summarizes what employers need to know about the latest changes to the regulatory environment for businesses to stay in compliance.

Ministry of Energy launches energy-savings program for small business

This initiative is intended to support energy-saving practices among small businesses and to help them save money.

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Canadian Chamber of Commerce Presents: 5 Minutes for Business: US Interest Rates and UN Climate Change

· by Huzaifa Saeed

US Interest Rates about to rise: What does it mean for Canada?

After seven long years with interest rates at zero, the U.S. Federal Reserve will almost certainly raise rates by 0.25% at its next meeting on December 15.

It has been warning about a coming rate hike since 2013. In the last Fed statement, it changed the wording it has used for years about “In determining how long to maintain this target range…” to “In determining whether to raise the target range at the next meeting…” In the obscure language of Fedspeak, this is like waving your arms and hollering.

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Canadian Chamber of Commerce presents: 5 Minutes for Business: The Red Wave and What it Means for Canadian Business

· by Huzaifa Saeed

Canadians have spoken decisively and given the Liberals a majority (in the recently concluded Federal Election) that no one thought possible. (Why do we even read polls anymore? Maybe we’d be better off scanning the stars.)

Here’s why the pollsters got it wrong. The number of people who voted Liberal shot up a staggering 149%, from 2.8 million in 2011 to 6.9 million this past Election Day.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Is Hamilton Canada’s Brooklyn? TVO’s Steve Paikin to Moderate Ambitious City Event on November 16

· by Whitney Eames

Is Hamilton Canada’s Brooklyn?
TVO’s Steve Paikin to Moderate Ambitious City Event on November 16

HAMILTON October 30, 2015 — The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce today announced details of its third annual Ambitious City, a marquee event devoted to new and emerging leadership trends in progressive community building.

This year’s event will feature a spirited, interactive conversation on the question: Is Hamilton Canada’s Brooklyn?

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Letter from the President: Hamilton Chamber of Commerce supports Horizon Utilities merger proposal

· by Keanin Loomis

Mayor Fred Eisenberger and Council

City of Hamilton

71 Main St. West

Hamilton, Ontario

L8P 4Y5

Re: Endorsement of Horizon Utilities Merger Proposal

Your Worship and Members of Council: You know the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce well as this city’s voice of business and an active contributor to improving the vitality of this great city for all its residents.

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Hamilton Chamber of Commerce National Urban Policy agenda successfully endorsed by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

· by Huzaifa Saeed

Hamilton, ON, October 20th, 2015: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce recently had it’s annual general meeting on October 17-19th. At the GA over 47 resolutions submitted from Chambers of Commerce across the country were formally debated and adopted by the membership. Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to report back that our’s titled: “Developing a National Urban Policy for Canadian Cities” was overwhelmingly approved by the delegation and is now an official advocacy priority of the Chambers.

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Hamilton Chamber and partners release Federal Election Platform and Analysis.

· by Huzaifa Saeed

Hamilton, Tuesday, October 13th, 2015: The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with it’s partners Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce has released a series of documents aimed at our members, Hamilton businesses and any other concerned citizens in the lead up to the Federal Election on October 19th. We encourage everyone to evaluate the official political parties based on how they match up to our platforms.

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Rapid Policy Update: Trans Pacific Partnership, What you need to know.

· by Huzaifa Saeed

Rapid Policy Update brought to you by Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

On Monday, October 5th, the Government of Canada announced the conclusion of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Here is what you need to know:

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a free trade agreement among Canada and 11 other nations located around the Pacific: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam.

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Federal Parties need to spend final weeks of the campaign defining economic vision for vote-rich Ontario: Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

· by Huzaifa Saeed

Hamilton, October 9th, 2015: A new report by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is calling on all federal parties to put Ontario’s economy in the spotlight during these final days of the 2015 election campaign. Through their report, Spotlight Ontario: How the Federal Parties stack up, the organization commends all parties for their commitments to lower the tax burden on Ontario’s small employers.

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