About Us

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) at 175 Longwood Road South, is a premier research park that boasts an award winning design, 180,000 square-foot, 4-level office, laboratory and conference facility situated on 37 acres in the west end of Hamilton on Hwy 403 less than 2 kilometers from the internationally acclaimed McMaster University. MIP is the first in the area to offer collaborative space for researchers and entrepreneurs alike to co-locate, connect and commercialize; a place to transform their ideas from vision to commercial opportunity.

Realize Your Vision

McMaster Innovation Park is the place where visions are realized and ideas are transformed into commercial opportunities. Benefits of locating to MIP include:

1.  State of the Art facilities
2.  Association with McMaster University
3.  Networking Opportunities
4.  On-site conference facilities
5.  Prime Location
6.  Healthy Lifestyle

Art In The Workplace

MIP is a place for local artists and the community to connect and commercialize their artwork. Read all about it!

Now Available

The McMaster Innovation Park houses laboratory, office, teaching, training and conference facilities, in support of research and development in a number of key industrial areas: advanced manufacturing and materials, nanotechnology, bio-technology and other areas in which McMaster University has recognized research strength.

Innovation Factory

 Realize Your Vision... The Innovation Factory assists entrepreneurs in developing their ideas to bring them to market. Do you need assistance with your ideas... see the Innovation Facory website at www.innovationfactory.ca



What We Offer

Join one of the fastest growing research and business communities and come grow with us!  For further information, contact us.

Individual Contacts

McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Road South, Suite 105
Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1

Tel: 905-667-5500

Zach Douglas,                              President & CEO 905-667-5502 zdouglas@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Jim Hyk,                                     Property Manager 905-667-5690 jhyk@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
William Lawson,                           CANMET-MTL Project Manager 905-667-5508 wlawson@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Ruth Liebersbach,                        Director of Finance and Admin 905-667-5543 rliebersbach@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Carlos Midence,                           Project Manager 905-667-5504 cmidence@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Mark Stewart,                        Director of Operations 905-667-5505 mstewart@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca



Scott Chamberlain,                     Building Operator 905-667-5549 mipoperations@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Carrie Haans,                              Exe Assist to the President 905-667-5503 chaans@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Joanne Lyne,                               Receptionist/Admin Assist 905-667-5500 receptionist@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Liz MacMillan,                              Administrative Assistant 905-667-5553 lmacmillan@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Helen Merkis,                              Accounting Manager 905-667-5544 hmerkis@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca

Michelle Walker,    Leasing & Operations Assist

905-667-5507 mwalker@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca
Carolyn Zess,                    Conference Coordinator and Marketing Assistant 905-667-5506 conferences@mcmasterinnovationpark.ca

Meeting Rooms

 Executive Boardroom

Accommodations: Up to 25 people in U-Shape Style
Contains wireless internet and audio/visual equipment including built-in projector and screen.


 Standard Meeting Room

Accommodations: Boardroom Style:  Up to 12 people
                                   Theatre Style:  Up to 18 people
Contains wireless internet and audio/visual equipment including built-in projector and screen.

Small Boardroom

Conference Room

Room 1 is a versatile conference room comprised of four small adjoining rooms (Rooms A, B, C and D). Each conference meeting room contains Wireless Internet and complete Audio/Visual equipment including built-in projector and screen. 

Full Conference Room         Theatre Style:  210 max people
                                                   Banquet style:  120 max people
Single Conference Room   Theatre Style: 55 max people
                                                   Banquet Style: 32 max people

Atrium (central open area)

Theatre Style:  180-216 max people
Banquet Style:  150-180 max people
Note:  There is no audio/visual equipment within the Atrium. 

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