BioReturn™ describes Sanimax perfectly. From “bios”, Greek for life, and “return”, to give back.
Our 1,000 enterprising employees extend the food supply value chain much farther than most people can imagine. Doesn’t a feat like that deserve its own word?

Reclaim materials such as animal and meat by-products and used cooking oils that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Renew and transform them into useful products at our North American facilities.

Return them to the marketplace in the form of high-demand goods like tallow, protein, leather and biofuels.

We are HACCP feed assure approved.

Liquid load out, tank farm and flat storage, we provide storage and handling of both types of rail cars here, both liquid and powder/granular material. We have 2 rail sidings coming into the building.

We have approx. 186,000 square feet of storage capabilities for flat storage.

We are also looking for more opportunities for restaurant grease recycling and to generate storage opportunities as well as generate non hazardous liquid and dry storage opportunities.


Darcy Balak
Operations Manager Hamilton
tel. 905.312.6992 ext. 33

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