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Our firm was new to Hamilton in '95. Through sponsorship opportunities presented by the Chamber we've been able to gain profile and recognition in the Hamilton business community.

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20 Feb Hamilton Chamber of Commerce releases casino survey results

HAMILTON – Today, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce released the results of its membership survey concerning a casino facility for the city.  The survey was conducted from January 30 to February 15, 2013. 

The survey produced the following key results regarding a casino location:

•    72.1% of respondents believed that they had enough information to make an informed decision about a casino
•    50% support the existing Flamborough location for a casino while 23% opposed and 23% were indifferent
•    67% opposed a stand-alone downtown casino while 14% supported
•    46% supported a downtown casino if it included a hotel and entertainment facility while 42% opposed
•    45% opposed another location in Hamilton for a casino while 15% supported

Reasons for supporting a casino were ranked as follows:

•    Economic benefit (jobs and tax revenue):    80.2%
•    Revenue to the City of Hamilton:                  76.1%
•    Potential tourism attraction:                          71.3%
•    Entertainment venue for residents:               60%

Reasons for opposing a casino were ranked as follows:

•    Oppose casinos because of social/moral concerns:                                  66%
•    Does not fit with City’s vision or strategic plan:                                          54.2%
•    Casino would compete with local businesses for entertainment dollars:    49.5%
•    Logistical reason – parking                                                                        21.6%

The survey was sent to 1601 Chamber member representatives and 453 completed  surveys were received providing a statistically significant result.  Of the respondents, 51.4% were the business owner while 37% were managers. 

“The survey indicates that the Chamber’s membership is evenly divided between support for the existing casino location in Flamborough and for a downtown casino/entertainment complex.  The survey clearly showed that Chamber members do not support a stand-alone downtown casino,” stated David Adames, President and CEO.  “I would like to thank our Chamber members for responding in a strong way to the survey and for attending the public meetings regarding the casino.”

The summary of the survey results is posted on the Hamilton Chamber website at hamiltonchamber.ca

-    30 -

Media Contacts:

David Adames, President & CEO
Tel:  905-522-1151 ext. 229
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2013 Casino Survey Results

2013 Casino Survey Results Media Release


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